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About Us

Our goal at Coroco Furniture is to provide our customers with great service, great products, great prices, and did I say great service ? 
With 15 years in the industry, we are confident in our expertise to solve any problem, provide assistance and advice, and achieve a perfect outcome for our customers every time.
We can 

* improve your sleep

* style your home

* provide quality, comfortable furniture

* ensure competitive pricing

* and do all this with a smile on our face !!!

Derek and Denise

Coroco Furniture has been a member of the Furniture House Group since 2016 which gives us greater buying power, and access to the latest styles and technologies available in the furniture industry.

Look for our latest catalogue.

In store, we have developed our Sleep Gallery. Here we provide specialist bedding information and guaranteed quality when purchasing a new mattress and bed. 

For more information please contact Denise or Derek or visit our wonderful store.